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Resources & Recommendations for 45+ Year Olds

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Retirement Made Simple

My Retirement Made Simple, is perfect for anyone aged 45 and over. Retirement is often touted as a worry-free time – but right now it’s not. People are living longer, government budgets are stretched, financial markets are volatile, and interest rates are moving up. On top of that, there are the challenges of understanding investor psychology – including your own – and avoiding scams.

A major facet of a fulfilling retirement is preparation: the sooner you start to plan, the better your retirement is likely to be. Yet so many people facing retirement don’t know what they don’t know. Retirement Made Simple is a gift that can pay great dividends.

recommended Reading:

Superannuation Made Simple

Updated 2023/2024, Superannuation Made Simple will help you make sense out of super.

Mistakes can be costly but Noel demystifies the whole superannuation system so you can make it work tirelessly to your advantage.  In the simple style for which Noel is renowned, the books will be your guide on what we hope will be a happy, healthy and prosperous retirement.

recommended Reading:

Wills, Deaths & Taxes Made Simple

When someone passes away, settling their estate involves navigating complex legal, tax, and superannuation issues, along with potential family disputes.

This book simplifies these challenges, offering strategies for estate planning and problem prevention to ensure clarity, reduce conflicts, and preserve your legacy. It’s an essential guide for effective estate management, whether dealing with local or international assets and beneficiaries.

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A worry-free retirement takes planning & preparation. I’m here to simplify the complex and help you feel confident about your future.

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Noel’s Action Plan for Retirement

Are you overwhelmed and not sure where to start? Grab this handy 1 page PDF, print it out, start taking action today.

“You don’t have to be great to start but you do have to start to be great.” ZIG ZIGLAR

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The 20 Commandments of Wealth for Retirees

A 1 page PDF to print and reference. Practice these commandments and be in control of your retirement. It will help steer you in the way to go and protect you from pitfalls.

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Pension Rate Charts

These come in handy for some of my calculators too. 

Handy Retirement Calculators

I’ve created several free & regularly updated calculators for you including:

  • Age Pension Calculator
  • Retirement Lump Sum Calculator
  • Super Contributions Calculator