I just wanted to say thank you for changing my life. In 1999 I came over from England and visited my brother who went to live in Australia. I was staying with him and travelling around for three months. He worked in a cafe in Canberra. One day he came home with a book and said that an author had been offering it to the workers. He brought home a copy for me. The book was 'Getting it together.' It became my bible for the next few years and I went on to read other great books of yours. I was in a dead end job and always struggling financially. Your book taught me to take control of my money and go to university so I could do something fulfilling. I was also very lucky to meet my future wife at university who is super shrewd when it comes to finances as well as a great many other things as well. I now have fantastic job which I love, I am financially secure. I have a loving family and I've self published two science-fiction books of my own, with two more in the pipeline. My dad said today that I'm very lucky. I'm not sure what luck is. All I know is that I was always ready I just needed the right people to guide me. You were one of them. I just wanted to give you a big thank you for everything you've done for me, without even realizing it. Thanks Noel.
A beginners Guide to Wealth
Hi Noel, I always enjoy your articles in the Sunday Mail and over the years your advise has been a great help to our family. We read Making Money Made Simple in the late 1980's and I have re-read the book many times since. I have also given copies to a number of acquaintances and have had the pleasure of watching some of them follow your advise and prosper. The book was a "Light-Bulb" moment for my wife and I, with small children and a mortgage, we were puddling along but with the knowledge you gave so freely on those printed pages it focused out direction and gave us the confidence to put what you had suggested into action. Now, after nearly 30 years we can retire in comfort, our children and grandchildren have carved out their futures based on the foundations you laid and none of us will ever need the support of social security. I guess I'm saying thank-you for having the guts to put into plain English the knowledge you had gained. I have had a young fellow working with me over the school holidays and he has shown a depth of character and willingness to learn than I rarely see in someone of only 15 years. I would like to give him a few pointers as he starts his journey in life and I recall you mentioned in your Sunday column a few months ago about a Managed Fund or ETF for beginners. The product had it roots in the US and was recently been offered in Australia, it has only small management fee and very low minimum contribution amount to suit young investors. If you are able, I would appreciate the name of the fund to pass onto him. With my sincere thanks, Peter.
Light Bulb Moments
Hi Noel, I just stopped by to sign up for your newsletter.  I've been following "Ask Noel" on the SMH for then years, since I moved back to Australia in 2006 at Age 35.  I was a bit of a late bloomer, financially.  At the time, my super balance was about $5,000 with personal debts also.  My husband had no super, although he had some properties that he envisaged to be his "retirement plan" but we I assumed I'd have to work until I dropped. Thanks to your excellent guidance and advice, we're now own our home, and have about $400k in super.   Your advice has always been clear, sensible and straightforward and I wanted to say thanks for making sense of investing Kind Regards, Sally
Expat with no Super
Hi Noel, I just wanted to thank you for everything have done, and the amazing books you\'ve written. I started off with the beginners guide to wealth, when I was 19 and earning around 55k per year. I then read more money with NW, and have followed the principles in that ever since, and I'm now 22 years old, earning between 100-110k and about to buy my first investment property! Thanks for all your help. Matt
22 and well on my way!
Hi Noel,  I always read  your column in the Sunday times WA and love your newsletters.  I have read one of your books and have just purchased 2 more and so excited to start reading them.  I just can't get enough!  I plan to have a "masterclass" with my 2 children who are in their 30s and impart some of your wisdom, then I hope they too will read your books.
Passing down good financial decisions to our kids
Thanks also for your advice over the years. The most important advice I followed was to live on one income when the wife and I
had two incomes coming in, it has enabled us to accumulate wealth in-spite of some bad decisions.  I always tell people this is the easiest thing we did money wise, but by living on one income and putting the rest into the bank, mortgage, superannuation etc, has also been the most  effective.
Living on one income
I've started reading your latest book and I'm very impressed so far. Thanks for consolidating all of your best articles, they'll make a good history lesson for our boys when they are older. It's also a very enjoyable read and your write very articulately.
New book well received
I did contact you a few years ago to let you know how profound your book 'Making Money Made Simple' was for me. I first read this at Christmas in 1992, as a naive
20 year old. This book changed my life, even though i didn't quite realise it in 1992. I realised early on that I had to start saving early so I had little time to waste. I didn't start earning a proper income until 1996 due to travel and study, but between 1996 and 2015, I paid off my first home in 2002, did the same with my wife in 2008 after selling the first home for a substantial profit, and we now have a very, very healthy portfolio of shares and a few managed funds. Our life would have been substantially different if I hadn't read your book and figured out that investing was something that had to be taken seriously and from a young age. I just wish I could have started much earlier than 1996!
Saving since 1996
5 Dec 2015 Dear Noel I have been a practising taxation accountant for over 35 years. During that time I have given enough of your books to clients to almost make me a silent partner. I have read every book you have authored and I have just finished your latest 25 years of Whitt & Wisdom I consider myself financial savvy and am currently a SMSF auditor. I also have given a copy for Christmas your book to my son who is a practising CPA as the life lessons you talk about are spot on. It is interesting to note that I agree 100% with your opinions without exception and the advice I have given clients over the years are simply the same as your recommendations. Especially to clients the advice “if it seems too good to be true it is” Once again Noel congratulations you will never know the vast amount of people your books have helped people secure their financial future  and it is comforting to know that ethically run business’s with prudent investment programmes should set people up for a comfortable retirement. David S
I started reading Noel's earlier books in the late 1980's and have since read every book that he has ever written. It is not an exaggeration to say that in my case at least, he has made me aware of information which has earned me millions of dollars!
Yes that's right; millions of dollars.
I also attended a seminar in Perth at the end of 2002 which he and Margaret Lomas, the property guru, hosted. The seminar cost $49, lasted all day and included lunch and books (written by Margaret) to the value of $200.
As a result of that day's information, I purchased a property in Perth which doubled in value over the following three years and the rest is history, as they say. Noel and Margaret didn't recommend any properties or so called advisers, they just made us all aware of time honoured investment principles and it was then up to all of us to overcome inertia and procrastination in order to go ahead, do our own research and then purchase something.
If you know any young people who may benefit from this book or any other books that Noel has written, then please pass on the newsletter to them or buy the book as a Christmas gift.
You may wish to buy the book for yourself, even better; it will probably be the best $50 you have ever spent!
Merry Christmas
Peter K
Peter K Makes Millions!
Dear Noel, it was such a pleasure to catch up with you as guest speaker on the 2nd December at Wealth Connexion client dinner. As mentioned I thank you for the early financial  guidance after my position as Expo88 Piazza Entertainment Producer and the times you and the family attended performances at Carindale. It is thanks to you and over many years Jeff Stella and Randall Corless both influenced by your expertise that I have continued investing and am in the excellent financial position I enjoy today. I look forward to reading your new book and passing on good financial habits to my 19 year old nephew Jayedan who along with my sister Rosalynd and mother Betty benefited from your informative presentation. Congratulations on the many lives you have touched and remaining the gentleman that you are. Kindest regards, David
David H
Hi Noel
I have just ordered your latest book and would like to thank you for not only writing the book, but for helping me so much over the past 40 years years.
I would have ordered all your other books as well, but fortunately for me, I already have them!!!!!!!!
Wishing you good health and continued wealth for the festive season and many more years to come.
Best Regards
Peter K
Dear Noel,
This is the third time I’ve read Making Money Made Simple and More Money (and I don’t think I’ve yet to fully digest it).  I find it helpful to re-read them every time a significant change is about to happen in my life.  I’m 32, I first read yours books right after I graduated from uni, again before I started my specialist medical training/buying my first home, and now in my final months of training before I start work as a specialist proper.   I first came to Australia as an overseas student for medical school on the back of my parents’ funding topped up by quite a few significant study loans.  I graduated medical school in 2007 with a huge debt and just enough money leftover for a deposit on a car.  Your books and I together have got to 2015 with most of the loans (the interest-bearing ones anyway) paid off, a car owned outright, and almost enough in my offset account to make my mortgage payments interest free (albeit with the help of a legacy along the way).  Oh, and with no credit card debt and all relevant insurances in place as you have always advised.  Thank you.
I think that before I embark on this next phase of my life, it is time for me to consult a financial planner as I will soon have extra money for investment rather than just plowing straight into my offset account.  I seem to remember reading in one of your earlier newsletters of you offering  to help point me in the right direction re: who to talk to?  I live in Perth.  I would really appreciate it.
Thank you again!
Kind regards,
I read ‘Making Money Made Simple’ in 1987 and was horrified by the chapter ‘Why only 8% Make it Financially’ (I checked that title in the 2007 version - the stats were definitely there in 1987, but maybe the title has changed).  I’m one of the 7% retired on a liveable income thanks to your advice.  I’ve given copies to both my kids as well.
I would also like to thank you for the assistance books and news articles have given me over the years. Working as a part time GP with young children they provided me with the knowledge to make sensible investment choices that have served me well. Recently my son (a 23 yo Graduate engineer) purchased Making Money made simple on my recommendation and has started his investment journey, having recently placed his savings into a well run managed fund!
Noel, I read "Making Money Made Simpl​e" in 1987 when I was 27, and couldn't put it down. I remember wondering why the various subjects covered were not taught, or at least mentioned, when I was at school. (Maybe I wasn't paying attention!) To cut a long story short, I took out a basic AMP investment portfolio (on the advice of a good friend who had no time for spruikers, but had been impressed by a local AMP rep in Bendigo), and over 10 years earned enough from that and my occupation (firefighter) to buy a house and have it paid off in 5 years. I have since recommended to a number of friends and colleagues that they buy your book and read it. Thanks for your efforts and advice over the years, your information has been priceless.
Hi Noel, Just a quick email to say thank you. I've just finished reading Making Money Made Simple (I bought the Kindle version), and I'm now feeling very enthusiastic about making a positive change. I'm 33 years old and in my final year of study (I'm mid-career change). Up until now I've been terrible with money - I rent, own no assets, and have not saved a single cent. Recently I've felt discouraged by the thought that I've left it all too late to get anywhere, until a friend recommended your book. I'm now putting aside 10% of my gross income for investments, no exceptions. While I'm studying it's not a lot of money, but I know it will change from next year. I can now see that each day counts, and putting things off only sets me back. 10% is 10% no matter how much you earn. I feel inspired and optimistic about the future. So, thank you. PS. The challenge is now getting my partner on board!
Years ago I met you at a money show in Adelaide. I have three of your books, followed your advice and am now financially independent and retired. My wife and I now spend our time doing what we wish to do - going on holiday, visiting restaurants and the theatre, etc. We still save 10% of our income. Taking charge of our own destiny was the best thing we did. Thank you.
Sensible people everywhere should be building monuments in your honour for the principled way you have set about educating us all in how to secure a reasonable financial future. I have bought several of your books and your Wealth Building kit and have found them to be invaluable.
I first read ‘Making Money Made Simple’ in 1992 and it was really a life changing experience in that it made me pay some attention to our personal finances. I now have been keeping a balance sheet and a profit/loss account of sorts for about 10 years. More importantly, we are investing first and "consuming" what is left over, rather than the other way around. Thank you for writing this and your other books as they have all been immensely helpful.
I was a kiwi living in London about 11 years ago when I found your book. I spent a lot of time at the bookstore reading it before one day I eventually coughed up the 7 pounds and purchased it. That book was a defining point in my life. I was working as an electrician so applied to do lots of overtime. Started saving the 2000 then 4000 etc. Bought my first house with $7000 deposit (rented out the rooms, even to Australians). It all seemed to happen quickly after that. Ended up with 8 London houses and a cash flow 2.5 times my wages (after expenses, before tax). Have now returned to NZ and sold the last UK property a few weeks ago. I have not 'worked' for 3 years now and do not ever intend to. I have a net worth of about $3.7 million floating around at the moment. I have two men to thank for this: one is me – the other is you.
I read ‘Making Money Made Simple’ in 1989 and soon after began a savings plan. I was broke, 24 and started at $150 per week. I soon got the idea and found some ways to increase my savings and learn about investing. I am now 37, own my home outright, have savings, shares, super and financed a business for my wife. I would like to say that although you have never met me, you have been an important influence in my life and I thank you for making my life better.
I am a first year Accounting student, and at 24 years of age this year have finally found some direction. Five years ago I began a law degree and quit after 6 months due to lack of funds and motivation. After a failed relationship, I bought 'Making Money Made Simple' last year, for something stimulating to read. Soon after I acquired 'Golden Rules of Wealth', 'More Money' and 'Shares Made Simple'. It wasn't just the financial advice, more the power of motivation that gave me the boost that I needed to get back on track. Thank you for your knowledge and inspiration.
Thank you so much for your advice. I religiously read your Sunday Mail column and have gained so much insight about, not only financial matters, but also, indirectly, you have led me down the path of self fulfillment. This time last year you recommended the books “The Richest Man in Babylon” and “50 Success Classics” as great gifts for Christmas. I bought them for my husband and have now claimed them as my own. Thank you so much for giving me the inspiration I needed.
Recently I turned 22 and feel that my life is well and truly on its way. I started further study one month ago and felt pretty darn good about myself anyway. Then I picked up my Father’s copy of ‘Getting It Together’ and have not put it down. Its pages are covered in highlighter, I think it’s great. My father is a 56-year-old businessman and he says he still reads your book every 6 months as a refresher. Thank you for writing such an easy to read and motivational book. It has really got me going! I’m just about to place an order for ‘Making Money Made Simple’, which I will pass on to my dad after I read it. You’re a champ!
If you're ever around my part of town you're welcome to come over for a beer!
The rule of 72. Until you taught me this concept, I had no idea how inflation can either work for or against the investor. I wish I had understood this in my teens. (So much wasted money!) PS The sequel's story about the magic train was equally life changing... This should be in every book you write!
I will always owe Noel a huge debt of gratitude for making me money-savvy. Now 20 years later my investments are worth nearly $1 million...so thanks!
Your books have changed my life. Best of all, your ideas are not at all difficult.
Thanks Noel – you were a key reason why I was able to retire at 55.
I have been reading your ‘Noel News’ for several years now and have found it to have some very good information in it. Keep up the good work!
Thank you Noel for your great newsletters, full of financial education, wisdom and humour! They are greatly appreciated.
It was a pleasure for me to hear you speak. You do make making money simple! For someone who was not brought up in a business environment, making money and being successful was always a mystery for me. Thank you for the little ‘Money Tips’ book, I have put it beside my bed and read it last thing at night and first thing in the morning.
Many thanks for all your emails – we love them! Thanks very much for all the radio shows and info you give....it keeps this country ticking. Your sound advice does more than you'll ever know. Thank you!
C.H. & B.H.
‘Making Money Made Simple’ was the first "money/investment" book that I read at the age of 19 or 20. It changed my mindset and made me believe that anything was possible, even on the smallest of incomes. Since then I’ve read almost all of your books. I've gone from thinking that buying my own house would be near impossible to owning several – and all this on one income! Noel, if it wasn't for you I would not have realised how bright the future could be.
Thanks Noel – you have made an early retirement possible!!!
More than a message, your books have been more of an awakening to the future possibilities that a managed financial future could bring. Using the information and advice from your books has enabled me to be the master of my own destiny regardless of income level or background.
I am one of your biggest fans and first saw you 17 years ago in Perth. Since then I have all your books, read your articles and tell as many people as possible about you. Your passion for teaching people about personal finance is inspirational. I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me and making me realise that if I put my mind to it and I genuinely believe in it, that I can achieve anything. Every morning I get up I can't wait to get to work and, for the first time in my life, I absolutely love my job. Once again thank you so much, you have no idea what a difference you have made to me.
I personally wish there were a lot more Noel Whittaker's in this world!
I am a first year Accounting student, and at 24 years of age this year have finally found some direction. Five years ago I began a law degree and quit after 6 months due to lack of funds and motivation. After a failed relationship, I bought 'Making Money Made Simple' last year, for something stimulating to read. Soon after I acquired 'Golden Rules of Wealth', 'More Money' and 'Shares Made Simple'. It wasn't just the financial advice, more the power of motivation that gave me the boost that I needed to get back on track. Thank you for your knowledge and inspiration.
Now in our mid 40s we have had a lot of good fortune, but our family's security can in many ways be traced back to your early guidance. Thanks!
Thank you once again for your caring and the services you give, it is much appreciated.
I love your books and newsletters – they have certainly helped us start our investment portfolio and save thousands off our home loan.
To end the day reading your down to earth, educational and easy-reading newsletters is quite satisfying. You are very clever and I would like to know who your personal coach is! Thank you – I admire your way of thinking and writing.
For Christmas 1992 as a 15 year old I was given a copy of your book "Getting it Together" by my now late Grandfather. It's no exaggeration to say that this book changed my life and you have my heartfelt thanks for writing it. Your book started a fire in me to continually learn and without it I'd never have unlocked anywhere near my full potential. (Of course I still have a long way to go but I love the journey.) Every now and then I go back to your book and it returns me to the path of keeping things simple.
A big "thank you" is due for your many years of articles, books, radio spots and Q&A columns - we have been avid followers and appliers of your advice. Our ability to choose to leave the workforce at age 52 was due in no small measure to the principles and education you have provided. The informed use of money should be a school subject in my opinion.
I thought I would write you a small note to thank you for writing ‘Getting It Together’. This book has had a huge positive impact on my life and has provided me with motivation, belief and reassurance. I first read your book at the age of 19, a time of my life when a number of ordeals seemed overwhelming. After reading your book I took your advice and my whole life quickly changed. From unemployed I started a very successful career in real estate sales support and later property management. At 22, I brought a $500K plus house and now have a reasonable amount of financial independence with $30K in the bank. I have found a fantastic life time partner and have a beautiful relationship with my close family. I turn 24 tomorrow and my book mark is on page 41. With all things in life constantly changing it feels quite easy to become flustered, but somehow you have this amazing ability to simplify life and put it right back on track. I can't thank you enough for your great words.
Thank you for changing my life since 1992 when I bought your book ‘Making Money Made Simple’ from a newsagent in country Queensland where I was working at the time. Since then I have a massive library with hundreds of financial and personal development books, CD’s, and programs and am enjoying a lifestyle I only dreamed of before. Your book was the catalyst for this.
I am very thankful that when my parents were struggling on 2 incomes in a big city in the late 80s that they bought a copy of your book Making Money Made Simple. I read it and reread it several times before moving out of home at 18. My mum and dad wouldn't let me go until I could prove that I had a full time job and a budget to afford my own expenses. I have always since had a budget, sometimes a very tight one, but a budget none the less. I have never had a utility disconnected, not even a warning notice, and my rent has always been paid on time. After 18 years of marriage we have finally bought 2 cars to manage all the day to day running around required of a family of 6. We are a single income family with my dh's pay only being $50,000 pa and we still pay our rent on time, keep all our utilities connected and can even put money aside for car maintenance ($100/fn for our 2 vehicles). I am very thankful for the skills I learned early on from reading your book. I may not have wealth in the bank or a house of our own but I do have the riches of the peace of mind that comes from knowing that my family's needs are met even on a limited income and that we have money for emergencies like the broken fuel pump we just had this last week. I am forever grateful for your teachings and I will be buying your books when appropriate for my children too. Best wishes Jennifer
I have told my daughter, who is 18 and about to start her first full time real job, that I will give her your books to get her and her boyfriend started NOW on super and budgeting, and get them set up with the great habits I always aspired to but never quite achieved. I was a student in 1988 and your book "Making Money Made Simple" was included in a finance subject that was part of the Home Economics Degree I was studying. I read it but didn't finish the degree, and was not able to put much into action at the time apart from starting a super fund at 20. It has not had any contributions made to it for 14 years and it has survived the GFC so far, with the total still more than I ever contributed. I am about to start and fill it up - the magic of compounding interest!! Once again thank you for the inspirational and effective financial advice that is free for all walks of life via the paper and your website. Now that our financial health is on the up and up I too am going to put your brilliance to work! Sincerely Kerrie
I just finished reading The Beginner's Guide to Wealth and it was fantastic. I would like to thank you for writing such an inspirational and helpful book. I have read quite a few self help and financial books however I found yours to be far more relevant. Also, as a budding 15 year old I was wondering if you had a favourite quote that you could share. Kind regards Mitch
I read your book "Making Money Made Simple" in 1998 when I was 21. It was the first book of its kind I had read and I found it to be quite life changing. After reading your book I altered my financial behaviours and now, some 15 years later my wife, kids and I are in a strong financial position. I have read a lot of other material since then and have learnt a lot about the financial services industry. I just wanted to say thank you for putting your ideas and advice down on paper and allowing others to benefit from your previous experience and knowledge. You have personally had a positive impact on our lives and we thank you for that.
I bought your book 'Getting It Together' in 2002 and want to thank you for writing it. At the time, I had a major gambling problem which affected every part of my life. Over a year ago, I quit gambling and now run my own recruitment company. I set goals for my private and professional life, and contribute to networks and discussion groups relating to my business. I always carry the book with me to read and re-read the quotes, many of which are displayed in my office. I've also enjoyed reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. How did this happen? The power of the mind of course. Thank you again.
I am writing to give my many thanks. I was given a copy of your book Getting it Together in 2001. At that time I was in my last year of university (Bachelor of Science). Your book struck a cord with me. I wanted to be a doctor but attending a very low socio economic area for high school, this was laughed at and said to be a dream (just get a trade and start working the teachers said). Your book inspired me to do better, not just with my money but as a person. I began to read the suggested reading at the rear of the book, for example Think and Grow Rich. From that point I attempted the entry exam to attend medical school. I failed it many times. In the many times I failed I got married, had two children, completed a second degree (Bachelor of Nursing) and bought our first family home. I am proud to say I have been accepted into medical school starting in 2014. I believe my success has a tangible link to your book and the lessons I learnt from it. I have realised my dream.
I have just finished reading Making Money Made Simple - what a fantastic read. My mother bought it for everyone in the family, never too late to begin on the path to financial literacy. I enjoyed the detail that you went into on everything financially related, from negative gearing through to life insurance for instance. I am 24, have just finished studying law, and am working in a law firm. I have been educating myself on financial issues having read Ben Graham's The Intelligent Investor, however your book has more practical ideas to accumulate wealth. Thank you for writing such a fantastic book, it has certainly helped me along the way to financial independence, and has inspired me to make well researched and smart financial decisions.