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Super Made Simple

2 July 2024

“On today’s podcast Noel has news on Superannuation changes that could affect your Super, and why Noel’s best-selling book Super Made Simple will help you navigate the ‘Super Soup’.”

Why a will is never a bad idea | Turn everyday spending into mortgage repayments or super savings

on Ausbiz
13 May 2024

“In this week’s episode, author Noel Whittaker draws attention to the fact that 50% of people never get around to making a will, potentially leading to disastrous outcomes. Noel’s latest book, ‘Wills, Death and Taxes’, addresses this crucial aspect. He highlights the importance of drafting a will at a young age, and the significance of keeping it updated, especially when life situations change, like having children or relocating. Noel offers in-depth expertise on the intricacies involved when assets are shared between family members and loved ones. He walks us through the legal aspects of sharing assets like houses, pension, and superannuation. He firmly advises that professional help should be sought during estate planning, especially for families with overlapping interests and abroad ties. Notable to Noel’s insights is the concept of the ‘Death Tax.’ While many people are unaware of its existence, he sheds light on the complexities surrounding it on death benefits and even provides potential ways to avoid it. Finally, he points to family disputes and lack of documentation as the most common mistakes made during estate planning, and recommends thorough documentation of all ownerships while alive.”

Retirement made simple with Noel Whittaker | A fund you’d want to race into

on Ausbiz
6 Dec 2023

Noel Whittaker breaks down the complexities of super and retirement. He talks about his new book ‘Downsizing Made Simple’, a timely discussion given the current housing crisis. He expands on how to effectively downsize in a tax-efficient way and when a reverse mortgage might be the right step to take. Discover tips for future-proofing your home and the importance of nurturing a social network in your retirement years. Also, don’t miss out on essential investment advice and the impact of higher inflation and interest rate regime on retirement plans.”

Think Brick with Noel Whittaker

on Think Brick
4 Jan 2022

In this episode host, Elizabeth McIntyre and special guest Noel Whittaker talk about taking charge of your financial future and many more topics such as;

  • Noel’s experience in real estate and in particular how he came up with the idea of the importance of display homes;
  • Noel’s top tips for wealth, including the ‘rule of 72’;
  • The gift of compounding;
  • Advice for younger adults beginning their wealth journey;
  • The biggest financial mistakes some people can. make;
  • and much more…

Think Brick with Noel Whittaker: Part 2

on Think Brick
6 June 2022

In this episode, host Elizabeth McIntyre and special guest Noel Whittaker talk about taking charge of your financial future and many more topics such as;

  • Saving for your first home;
  • The ways to choose which banks are best for you and your goals;
  • Key red flags Noel has seen when people buy their first property;
  • Advice for buying your first home;
  • Budgeting for renovation;
  • and much more…

Rising out of adversity, consistently turning up, and why honesty works

on The Inner Chief – Nov 15, 2022

In this episode, you’re going to hear Noel talk about:

  • His incredible career journey including how he nearly lost everything
  • The bolt of insight that changed his life and led to the writing of his book
  • The powerful messages he received from mentors and most influential books that shaped his career
  • The role of money, honesty and passion in a great career.

Retirement tips and traps

on Wealth of Experience
4 Oct 2023

Noel offers his key tips for making the most of your retirement. He discusses the mistakes that people make with SMSFs, why super remains a good vehicle for retirees, how estate planning is a “minefield”, and the financial traps to avoid with aged care.

Wealth creation, timeless wisdom and making money simple

with The Australian Finance Podcast
2 Nov 2023

Some of the host’s take-aways from Noel’s book:

In this country, the average person needs only two things to become wealthy: the knowledge of what to do, and the discipline to do those things.

To successfully attain the goal of financial independence, you must buy into four basic principles:

  1. Spend less than you earn
  2. Take responsibility for your own future
  3. Recognise and avoid the major traps that reduce your wealth
  4. Get inertia working for you, not against you

Get used to delayed gratification. Have it today – pay for it tomorrow. And pay you will! Winners exercise discipline.

You need three factors going for you if you want to build up your net assets:

  • Capital that has the ability to increase in value
  • Time for compound interest to work
  • A good rate of return to speed up the compounding process
  • We reap what we sow. In fact, it should be; we reap far more than we sow.

Few people fail in one massive, traumatic event – it is normally a succession of little things done wrong, or not at all, that builds up to a disaster.

To create wealth for ourselves, we have to make saving and investing a commitment instead of something we try and do with what’s left over.

How to Achieve Financial Freedom

on Win The Day with James Whittaker
28 Jun 2022

Mastering Financial Freedom

on Win The Day with James Whittaker
12 Apr 2023

How to Take Ownership of Your Life 

on Win The Day with James Whittaker
6 Jan 2023

Making Money Made Simple

on Win The Day with James Whittaker
18 May 2022

“Sometimes an expensive lesson can be worth every penny.”
— Noel Whittaker

In this episode:

» How to achieve financial freedom
» How ‘Making Money Made Simple’ sold 2M+ copies
» The secret to daily motivation, and
» A whole lot more.

Retirement Made Simple

with Probus South Pacific

Making Money Made Simple

with The Wealth Collective
January 6, 2020

Good advice doesn’t cost, it pays

with The Elephant In The Room Property Podcast
Dec 21, 2018

Here is some of what we discussed:

  • Labor’s policy on negative gearing – is it a fallacy?
  • Will changes to negative gearing help housing affordability?
  • Depreciation – is it even worth it?
  • Superannuation funds – why are we so disengaged?
  • SMSF and the importance of getting good financial advice.

Superannuation Made Simple

on Studio 10
17 Aug 2017

Superannuation might not be high on your list of priorities, but finance expert Noel Whittaker tells us why it should be.