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Celebrated finance and investment guru, Noel Whittaker, is regarded as one of the leading voices on the often turbulent topic of personal finance. Fortunately, he’s also an international bestselling author, meaning it’s easy to get your hands on Noel’s words of financial wisdom.

Noel has compiled the ultimate personal library of financial information. For just $109.99 with Free Shipping, you or someone you love will receive five of Noel’s most celebrated books, including the popular titles Making Money Made Simple (Revised and Updated), Superannuation made Simple and his brand new book 10 Simple Rules for Financial Freedom.

So, if you fancy yourself or somebody you know to be the next wise man or woman, pick up Noel’s Kickstarter Package book collection. You’ll even pick up $54.70 in savings!

Contains the following books:

  • 10 Simple Rules for Financial Freedom
  • Making Money Made Simple – Revised and Updated
  • 25 years of Whitt and Wisdom
  • Money tips
  • Superannuation Made Simple


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