It’s my mission to help Australians live happy, healthy lives free from financial stress and blunders.

It's never to early or too late to master your finances.

12 – 20 year olds

This is the time to build good foundations. Sure, learning to manage your money is good, but how can you become a successful human being? I’m passionate about helping young people start well and set them up for a successful life.

15 – 50 year olds

I’ve written two books with life-long lessons for most ages. Learn the principles of life (not just money). what I’ve learnt from studying successful people, understand finance and investment, and get a usable action list so you can make money and stay wealthy.

45+ year olds

Retirement should be a time to reap the benefits of your hard work. But with volatile financial markets, government budgets, interest rates, and longer longer lifespans; the sooner you start planing, the better your retirement is likely to be. It’s never to early for estate planning either. 

60+ year olds

Downsizing and estate planning are complex topics but I’d like to make it simpler for you with up-to-date advice so you can avoid mistakes. Enjoy  what’s most important and maximise family harmony and the legacy you leave.

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“Understanding money is not a natural skill, it needs to be learned and practised.”

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Noel News – April 2024

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Noel News – March 2024

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Free Finance Calculators

I’ve created several free & regularly updated calculators for you including:

  • Age Pension Calculator
  • Retirement Lump Sum Calculator
  • Stock Market Calculator