Noel Whittaker’s New Book –

25 Years of Whitt & Wisdom

For more than 25 years, finance expert Noel Whittaker has helped thousands of Australians manage their personal finances with wit and wisdom via columns in some of the country’s best-known publications. This hand-picked collection of shrewd insights chronicles the rollercoaster ride of both global and local economies over the last quarter century. There’s a treasure trove of financial knowledge between these pages — start digging!


“Noel’s greatest gift is his ability to explain complex matters in everyday terms the average bloke can understand”
Des Houghton, former editor, Sunday Mail

“Noel Whittaker gives the best personal finance advice in the country.  And he’s been doing it for longer than many of us have had finances to take advice about”
– Richard Hughes, Money Editor, Age and Sydney Morning Herald

“There are two simple reasons why Noel Whittaker has been part of the Sunday Times for 25 years: clarity and authority.  His ability to take complex financial matters and translate them into life lessons for all ages is unsurpassed.  This collection of his best columns is not just a look back over the quarter century; its is advice that will stand readers in good stead for the next 25 years and beyond.  It is a must-read for anyone wanting to take control of their financial future.”
– Rod Savage, Editor, Sunday Times