We are now back home from America where we attended the premiere of the film Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy, which I have written about previously in this newsletter.

The film explains Napoleon Hill’s famous success principles, and features cameo appearances by people like myself whose lives have been transformed after reading the book Think and Grow Rich.

The launch of the film was timed to coincide with the 80th anniversary of Hill’s book, which was released in 1937. It has since sold over 100 million copies and is still widely regarded as the best personal success book ever written. Film distribution is currently being negotiated, but I expect it will be available in Australia in the new year.

At the premiere it was a pleasure to spend time with Sharon Lechter who also features in the movie. She co-authored  the book Rich Dad Poor Dad with Robert Kiyosaki and they ended up writing 15 books together. However, they reached a situation where their vision for the future was no longer aligned, and she decided to strike out on her own. Shortly after that, she received a phone call from President George W Bush’s office asking her to be on the inaugural President’s  Advisory Council on Financial literacy. She went on to write Think and Grow Rich for Women while continuing her campaign for financial literacy. Thanks to her efforts the state of Arizona has passed legislation to require students graduating from high school to undertake a class in personal finance. She is now working on the other states!

As people live longer, and that government budgets come under more stress, the topic of financial literacy will become more and more important. I do think it should be compulsory in schools.