Your Own Home

If you are thinking of moving in the next five to ten years, start creating extra value immediately by planting trees and shrubs, where appropriate, both in your yard and on the footpath. The cost may be only a few dollars today but will almost certainly translate into thousands of dollars when the time comes to sell. Try to involve your neighbours as well – haven’t you noticed that the best suburbs have the leafiest streets?

It could be a time when you are choosing to move or renovate. We were in that position about a year ago, and made the big decision to renovate the kitchen instead of going to the expense and hassle of moving. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Not only did we save the costs of moving, normally around 10% the place you buy, but the renovations have added more to the value of a home than what they cost. And what they have given us in sheer joy is priceless.