Welcome to another new year

Welcome to another new year. Isn’t’ it hard to believe that January is nearly halfway through.

A basic principle of success is to keep looking for way to make things better.

And over Christmas my thoughts turned to this newsletter. I’ve been writing it for nearly 30 years, and as a result we have thousands of people on our mailing list, many of whom who have moved on for various reasons. This means, that almost 50% of our newsletters are not opened.

The perfect solution would be to delete people who no longer open the newsletter, but that’s a time-consuming process and would cost a large amount of money. But I’m pleased to advise we have now changed to Mail Chimp who charge by the month, not by the number of people on the mailing list. This system automatically removes people who have not opened the last three newsletters.

So, in the coming year, expect shorter and more frequent newsletters which will enable me to give you more commentary on the issues of the day.

As always all feedback is appreciated.