Last Friday night Brisbane was blanketed by fog which caused havoc for airline passengers with most flights cancelled. Most passengers turned up at the airport because they were not aware of the problems and many had to sleep there. I fly a lot, and an app I could not do without is TripIt – it watches your flight information 24/7 and advises you of any changes. It even lets you know when the gate is changed. The basic version is free, and the one I use costs about $20. Worth every cent.

I love to listen to classical music in the car and often a composition comes up which sounds fantastic but which I not know. And often, my journey has finished before the name of the composition is announced. I used to use Shazam which I found incredibly frustrating because many times it did not work and, when it did, it gave only half the information at best. After doing a Google search I have switched to SoundHound which has been brilliant. It is quick, gives all the details and even saves your last five searches. It’s free.