It’s been six weeks since the last newsletter and I’ve been busy travelling.  First it was a boat cruise on the Orion from Broome to Bali, where we had the unique experience of being in the company of Michael Melford, one of National Geographic’s chief photographers.  He and I hit it off right from the beginning and got even closer when he walked into a session I was giving on money to some of the Orion staff.  He started adding his own views, and I was amazed at his knowledge of financial markets in general.  One of the highlights of the trip was the night when he presented a 30 minute slide show of his best photographs.

The cruise started in the Kimberleys and included a visit to the Ord River and the Argyle Diamond Mine.  I urge you to put it on your bucket list.

Finished the trip with a game of golf at Bali National Golf Resort in Nusa Dua – one of the six top resorts in Indonesia.  My long time friend Mark Holland is now the Chief Executive and has issued an invitation to any readers of this newsletter to have a game of golf there.  If you call Mark’s office on +62 361 771 791, they should be able to give you a special deal.

After that, it was a quick two week business trip to London flying Etihad via Abu Dhabi.  It was my first flight with them and it’s a truly great airline.

London is as busy and expensive as ever, and they are facing the same challenges as Australia.  They tried to help first home buyers by giving home buying incentives, and all that did was drive the price of housing up and put it even further out of reach.  They cut back on immigration at the same time as they increased the minimum wage – the result has been nursing homes in danger of going broke because now they can’t get staff at a price they can afford to pay.

I did learn a useful trick on the trip.  The alarm on an iPhone won’t work if the phone is turned off, and even if you leave it on Silent it makes buzzing noises all night.  The secret is to leave it on Airplane mode, and enjoy a sound sleep.