I’ve been extolling the virtues of the 28 Degrees MasterCard for years, and now have further proof of its value.  When we checked out of the Marriott Hotel on the big island in Hawaii, we had a bill of US$4594, which we had to pay by American Express because money I’d deposited in my 28 Degrees card had not yet been processed.  This meant part of the bill was paid by American Express and part by 28 Degrees.  When I compared both statements and checked the rates, I discovered that I would have been $200 better off if I had been able to use the 28 Degrees card for the entire bill.  The great thing about this card is it has no application or annual fees – the only drawback is no reward points.

In a recent newsletter, I mentioned RingCredible for making overseas calls – had occasion to ring Luxembourg on Sunday night and spoke for 38 minutes.  The cost on RingCredible was $1.07.

I’m getting this out today because we’re going on a quick holiday to the Bungle Bungles via Darwin, and then taking a cruise on the Orion from Broome to Bali.  Hopefully we can get out of Bali.  I guess Plan B is to fly to Singapore and come home from there.