First, a big thank you to all of you who supported the Think and Grow Rich crowdfunding project. They have now raised over $140,000 with more funds rolling in, and the film is looking magnificent. It’s amazing what they can do now with the newest ultra-high definition technology. If you’d like to contribute, there’s an impressive list of perksavailable.

I travelled to Los Angeles from London a fortnight ago to take part in the filming and had the privilege of recording how the book had changed my life. Given the fact it’s been a bestseller since 1937, and has sold over 70 million copies, it would be stating the obvious to say it may well have changed hundreds of thousands of lives.


Because I had to change my plans – I had a Brisbane London return air ticket – I was faced with the challenge of finding a one-way ticket from London to Brisbane via Los Angeles. The initial prices I was quoted were horrendous, and then I had the good fortune to stumble across an Air New Zealand fare from London – Los Angeles – Auckland – Brisbane for $6,000. Apparently once you have multi-stops the price goes down again! Anyway, Air New Zealand were brilliant, and their flatbeds in business class with the best airplane beds I have ever experienced.