In my last newsletter, I quoted from Warren Buffett’s partner Charlie Munger, aged 90, who said he always liked to go to bed a bit smarter than when he woke up. When I started this newsletter nearly 20 years ago, the main purpose was to help people bypass the rubbish that fills our newspapers and television screens, and share information that would be factual, useful, and make a difference in your life. In other words, go to bed smarter than when you woke up.

As the world gets more complex, the need for education grows. As Jim Rohn said, “We are all affected by what we don’t know”.

Accordingly, I would like you to do two things. The first is to follow me on Twitter – the second is to subscribe to the Cuffelinks weekly newsletter if you have not already done so. Both of these are free.

Twitter is important because each morning I scour the newspapers and tweet about articles that may affect you. For example, today I tweeted the front page of the Financial Review which signalled yet another attack by Treasury on self managed super funds. Yesterday I mentioned an article about Michael Bloomberg, one of the world’s wealthiest men, whose goal is to give it all away before he dies. His current projects include eliminating traffic jams in Istanbul, and getting rid of obesity in Mexico. What a wonderful role model!

I love Cuffelinks because it gives you an unparalleled depth of knowledge on financial matters. The contributors, all top people in their field, are highly respected and do it for the sheer joy of helping other people.