There has never been a more important time to be well informed. The problem is that serious investors are most unlikely to get the information they need from the daily papers for the 6 o’clock television news.  Last month when I was at the ASFA conference at the Gold Coast I had the pleasure of spending time with George Friedman who was one of the main keynote speakers. I can judge the effect of a conference speaker by the notes I take during the speech, and George’s ideas generated pages of notes for me.

After the speech I bought a copy of his latest book Flash Points – The emerging crisis in Europe and next day paid $193 to subscribe to his daily email news bulletins.

These newsletters which cover events around the world in great depth are invaluable. True, Australia doesn’t get much of a mention, but for an in-depth look at the world his material is unbeatable. It’s the kind of stuff I imagine is given daily to world leaders.

Right now he is offering a Christmas special for $US 99 which includes the daily bulletins plus a copy of his latest book. You can access it at this link – I highly recommend it.

For a sample of his stuff just go to his main website:  https://geopoliticalfutures. com

There, you can subscribe to a free newsletter and also browse past articles.