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Reading is essential for those who
seek to rise above the ordinary.

It’s finally happened!

A totally new edition of Making Money Made Simple is now finished. It will be on the printing presses next week, and available by the end of next month. It’s been an amazing journey. What started as the 23rd update of a book, which was first published in 1987, and has since sold over 2 million copies worldwide, has now become a totally reconstructed edition.

We had hours of discussion about the name. Making Money Made Simple has become a household phrase, and it was a name I did not want to lose. However, the problem is that potential buyers of the book might see it as just a reprint and shop elsewhere.

But then I thought “Well, a Toyota purchased today is nothing like the model 30 years ago.” So, what you have is a brand-new model of a book that has stood the test of time.

The original book is chockfull of timeless principles. But recently, I discovered that information of itself is not usually sufficient to move people to action, especially in the digital world. Consequently, a feature of the new book is that it is full of detailed action plans to encourage people to move forward, rather than read the information and not necessarily apply it.

What To Expect

The first section, Managing Your Money, contains 18 chapters designed to teach people, step-by-step, how to become a financial winner. It contains the strategy of compound interest for long term wealth creation (and to avoid debt), how to prepare a household budget that works, ways to avoid common credit card traps, and how to maintain a high credit score. There is also a major section on how to set goals that bring your dreams to life.

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The second section, Finances Made Simple, shows how to choose an appropriate home, teaches negotiating tactics to help a buyer get the best price, and takes the reader behind the scenes to explain the criteria lenders use when qualifying people for a home loan. This is particularly important in the world we now live in—since the Royal Commission, lenders have become totally focused on compliance.

Using research gained from discussions with Australia’s leading financial advisers, we talk about the need for financial advice, when an adviser is right for you and, importantly, how to find a good adviser.

We then explore investment risk, how to make money from property, and a foolproof way to build a quality share market portfolio.

Unfortunately, many people put tax in the too hard basket, but what you receive after tax is what you can spend. Therefore, we explain tax structures, the imputation system, capital gains, and proven strategies to save tax.

There is no other road to genius
than through voluntary self-effort.

For many, superannuation is confusing and difficult. However, a sound knowledge of this misunderstood tool can save you a literal fortune. As a result, four chapters are dedicated to demystifying super and explaining how to make it work for you, especially for those who want to be independent in retirement rather than relying on government handouts that likely won’t exist in the future.

After that, we move to insurance, where we cover the many areas that can benefit from protection. Aside from the obvious ones, we also include a section on binding financial agreements that can be used to protect people in relationships; they are becoming increasingly important, for myriad reasons, as relationships become more complex.

What’s a book worth?

I was reflecting on the quote at the start of this newsletter, and decided to make a guess at the value a person could gain from reading this book, and putting the principles into practice.

  • First, understanding compounding could be worth an extra $2 million, or more, to a young person when they wish to retire.
  • Understanding the property market, and knowing how to find the right kind of property, could be worth $500,000 at the time of sale.
  • Becoming a good negotiator is a valuable tool in all areas of life, and could well be worth $50,000 when you are buying or selling a property.
  • Developing a comfort for share market investing, and a knowledge of how to do it properly, is critical since it is the best investment available. To ignore it, could cost you at least $500,000 over the course of your lifetime.
  • Learning about the traps in buying and financing a motor vehicle won’t save you as much as some of the other areas, maybe $10,000, but it could mean the difference between getting a home loan and being declined—a big mental saving!

There’s also one area of critical importance for Australians: getting off the debt treadmill. Stress is a killer, and there is overwhelming research that financial issues affect almost 50% of Australians. The information in Making Money Made Simple shows how to get your finances in order and be free of money stresses once and for all. That’s priceless!

These are just a few things that come to mind. I reckon at just $29.95 it’s good value.

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Think about this email I received last week:

My husband and I read your first book in 1987 when we had been married for 19 years. We had educated our two children but had no idea about investing. We followed your common-sense advice, paid off our home, and modestly invested in other properties. Thirty years later, we are living the most amazing retirement. Thank you so much for all the books and articles you have written. I am sure there are many people like us that you have influenced in the most positive of ways.

We are approaching Christmas and as usual we face the challenge of finding appropriate gifts to buy for family, friends and even workmates. Imagine giving someone a copy of Making Money Made Simple and 30 years later being told how that gift had transformed the lives of the recipient and their families? Talk about the gift that keeps on giving.

The first 500 books will be signed, giving an extra benefit for the early-bird.


How do I buy the book?

It’s expected to hit bookstores in mid-October, but I will keep you in the loop. I am also offering my newsletter subscribers the chance to get pre-publication copies at a discounted price. There is just one qualification: you’ll need to get in early.

The book files will go to the printers early next week, and I have until the 8th of September to tell them how many copies are to be printed. Therefore, it’s very important to me to know as soon as possible the likely demand. The last thing I want to do is order a certain number of copies, and then find I need an immediate reprint for 10,000 more.

Therefore, the reduced price will expire on the 8th of September.

BUY NOW: First 500 copies will be signed

Until then, you can buy single copies for $27.99 plus postage, or take advantage of a two-for-less deal where you can buy any two of my books for $49.99 with FREE postage.

This can be two copies of the new Making Money Made Simple, or one copy of that book plus Golden Rules of Wealth, The Beginners guide to Wealth or Superannuation Made Simple.

I have already had enquiries for bulk orders from accounting and financial advisory companies who will be gifting a copy to their clients over Christmas.

For more information about bulk ordering, pre-orders, or anything else, just email me at


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