Telstra Roaming

My plan is $69.90 a month, after $10 a month discount, which they say includes the $10-a-day global travel pass. I was led to believe that that meant the $10 a day was included, but have now learned I was misled. But the global travel pass is still worthwhile. It means we can make unlimited phone calls and texts to almost anywhere in the world while we are travelling. It also includes a generous data allowance, which is essential in many places. The cost is effectively $10 a day, unless you deactivate the global roaming, but that would be impractical. You can also save fees by installing a cheap SIM card when you land, but that wouldn’t be effective for a business phone like mine.

In any event, $10 a day is cheap in the scheme of things. For example, Uber has become the most effective and cheapest method of travel in big cities such as Paris, London and Los Angeles. This means your phone must be able to connect with Uber anywhere – and this is exactly what the Telstra travel pass enables you to do.