Malcom's Cats cartoon

I must admit I have become totally disillusioned with the goings-on in Canberra. A letter in yesterday’s Australian by one Terry Birchley of  Bundaberg summed up my feelings perfectly. “Having concluded that Malcolm’s broad church is all but indistinguishable from Bill’s Bolshie lot I am largely indifferent to the outcome of the next federal election. In John Le Carre’s marvellous phrase, I am now possessed of “the half-baked tolerance that comes from no longer caring.”

We had high hopes for Malcolm Turnbull when he forced Tony Abbott out of office, but the action seemed to stop from that point. There were grand statements about tax reform, then the back-down on the GST, and at date of writing the government was not even prepared to confirm that the Budget would be handed down on Tuesday, May 10. In any event, given we are still awaiting the outcome of the White Paper on taxation, it’s clear that anybody trying to plan their financial future can expect nothing but uncertainty.

So, it gives me great pain to admit that I no longer care who wins the next election – what’s going to change?