Speaking in London

The main purpose of our visit to London was to make a speech at Australia House for the University of Queensland Alumni. It was a challenging gig because there were 140 people in the audience, and there was a huge range of occupations that included professors, senior public servants, corporate executives and students. Hopefully I gave them information which hopefully will stand them in good stead for a lifetime.

There were two handouts – my 20 Commandments of Wealth which I mentioned in the last newsletter, and some tips on tax for expats tax which had been prepared by the Elston group, whose headquarters are at the Gold Coast. They are experts at this extremely complex and difficult area. I’m enclosing a copy of those tips in this newsletter – it may not apply to you, but it may well apply to your children or people you know. This is an area where expert advice is essential – trying to do it yourself may cost you a lot of money.