One of the greatest causes of friction between couples is one party snoring. It’s been an issue in our marriage for years, especially after a dinner that included some good red wines. Just recently, a pharmacist friend showed me a device which he claims has fixed his snoring and which appears to have fixed mine.

It’s called ANTISNOR acupressure ring and the blurb reads as follows.

The ring uses ancient principles of Chinese acupressure. The sterling silver ring has two pressure balls on the underside of the band, which applies pressure to the acupuncture point located on the inside of your little finger – between the first joint and knuckle. Chinese acupuncturists believe this pressure point connects to the heart meridian channel, up to the ear, nose and throat.

The ring is worn on small finger of the left hand (as your heart is located on the left). The ring is adjustable to ensure adequate pressure can be applied. The ring should be worn 30 minutes before bedtime and for the duration of the night.
I was highly sceptical, but did all the usual searches on Google and the consensus seemed to be that it works for the majority of people but not for everybody. I noticed there were a few versions of it but I chose the more expensive one which costs $39.75 from Aussie Health Products.

Their service was great, and it arrived promptly. I am delighted to report that my wife reports that my snoring is almost non-existent since I started wearing the ring, and I do notice I am sleeping well. But then I usually sleep fairly well so it is difficult to judge whether the ring has improved my sleep quality. But, I reckon, at just $40 it’s worth a try. And if it doesn’t work for you, give it to somebody else.

Just make sure you get the right size. Having a snug fit is crucial.

If you do buy one please let me know if it works. Here’s a list of AU stockists. ​