We all know how petrol prices fluctuate and how often the prices are down when you don’t need petrol, but skyrocket just before the tank hits the empty mark. Take control by downloading my new best friend, the 7-Eleven Fuel app. Once you have it, you can ask it to search all available 7-Eleven petrol stations in your area and display the best price on offer.

If you like the price you can simply lock it in for the fuel you require – that will be your fixed price for the next seven days. There is nothing to lose, because if the price at the pump on the day you fill up is cheaper than your locked-in price you can elect to use the pump price. After seven days the locked-in price expires and you can start the process all over again.

Just last week I had a good price locked in, and noticed service stations in our area putting up their prices by $0.25 a litre. I also observed that the local 7-Eleven petrol station was still advertising the cheap price. I filled up the car immediately using my locked in low price and then locked in another seven days at $1.20 a litre.  Can you imagine how great it felt six days later when I filled the tank again and saved $12.70.