A lot of my friends, like me, have children overseas and there is a need to remit money to them occasionally.  I used to do it through my bank but this was a tortuous process which involved phoning the bank, getting a quote, feigning shock, and asking them to check head office for a better rate.  Once we agreed on a rate which still wasn’t that good, it then had to be confirmed by fax, yes fax, and a week later if all went well my son had the money.

A friend introduced me to OzForex, which was a whole new world.  Their rates are far better than the banks and the process of transferring currency couldn’t be simpler.  I just go to their website, enter the amount of foreign currency I wish to buy, and a quote comes up on screen.  I then accept the quote, and enter the name of my son from the list of saved beneficiaries embedded in the system.  It’s then only a matter of paying the money into OzForex’s bank, and a couple of days later I’ll get an SMS saying the money’s been delivered.

I was speaking to one of their people at a function recently, and they have kindly offered to do a special offering for subscribers to this newsletter, by waiving their normal transfer fees for transfers over AU$1,000.

To get the process started simply go to the OzForex website and click on the REGISTER FREE or FOREX TOOLS > CUSTOMER RATES link in the menu.

aThen when you register, quote “Noel Whittaker” to claim your first Fee Free International Transfer.

If you have any questions, please contact Edward Wiley from OzForex directly on 02 8667 9133 or