Financial literacy is one of the greatest assets you can have, and my books and other resources make it easy and cheap to obtain.  This month, let’s focus on Making Money Made Simple in audio.

It is narrated by Australian actor Carol Burns, who became a household name for her award winning performance in the TV program Prisoner, in which she played tough lesbian bikie, Franky Doyle.  Carol and I have been friends since we worked in the Bank of New South Wales together in 1962.

Everybody involved in the production did a superb job – we have even managed to fit the entire 10 hours onto just two CDs, with a separate track for each chapter.  This makes it easy to listen to any track of your choice, and go back and revise if necessary.  I’m a great fan of audio books, but I get extremely frustrated when the producers run all the tracks together without spaces between them.  It makes it impossible to go back and listen to something again.

The audio version on CD is available from my website at just $29.95.  

For those who think CDs are yesterday’s technology, there are MP3 versions available for download on iTunes.  There is also a facility for online buyers to buy to just buy one single track and have a listen.

This is the perfect introduction to finance for people who spend time in their cars.  It is the book which has sold more than two million copies, and changed the lives of many who have read it.