Noel On Screen

In an age where people are living longer, planning for economic security in retirement has become very important. Every day my inbox is full of emails requesting help on specific topics concerning pre-retirement and retirement – far more than I can answer. Whilst the regular contributions I make to a wide range of print and radio media go a long way towards answering these questions, I have decided to collaborate with the team at Search Know More to produce a range of videos. These will enable you to sit back and watch, re-watch if necessary, and obtain much more detailed knowledge on topics that may change your life.

The team behind Search Know More have gathered their knowledge and expertise from a lifetime of varied experiences to provide you with a range of engaging, informative, educational and useful digital resources. The added value they provide comes in the ‘human’ approach they have taken to include the thoughts, insight and narrative of authors like myself, as well as the great work from the people who have developed the resources. Please follow the link to view my range of videos and their other resources.