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You are the same today as you’ll be in five years except for two things: the books you read and the people you meet.


Dear Reader

30 years ago I wrote Making Money Made Simple to motivate and help people take control of their financial destiny – to help them change their lives. A generation and 2 million copies later, it still thrills me to open emails and letters of thanks on a daily basis – for example this 25 year old who saved $70,000 in 4 years while only earning 36,000 per annum. Or this message of gratitude arriving on Harvard letterhead.

The principles outlined in Making Money Made Simple and the next 10 books I published remain as powerful and practical as ever. In fact, I’ve just put the finishing touches on the 22nd update of Making Money Made Simple to ensure it’s as relevant today as it ever was.

Knowledge is a gift far more powerful than trinkets that become tomorrow’s trash and with Christmas coming, I want to help those who have been touched by my work in the past to be able to gift it to others who might need a little motivation or nudge in the right direction.

But one thing really irked me – the cost of postage would always inflate the price of the book, in many ways against my own principles of not spending money unnecessarily.

The retail price of most of my books is $24.95 but it costs us $9 in postage and packing to get it delivered to you – that’s nearly 40% of the price of the book.

To be frank, I think is most unfair that the price of a $24.95 book should increase by 40% just because of postage.

The irony is that I could send you a case of books for about $25 in courier fees. And that gave me two ideas.

1. We have looked at our costs and from now on will offer free shipping for all orders in excess of $45.

So, instead of paying around $35 for one book including postage, you can get a second book for just $10 more and not to pay any postage at all.

Maybe that’s a copy of Beginner’s Guide to Wealth for a nephew or niece just starting out on their journey and a copy of Golden Rules of Wealth for a friend, with no shipping to pay.

2. Because shipping costs don’t change much between 1 book or 5 books, we have bundled up 25 years of Whitt and Wisdom with my other bestselling books so you can enjoy great summer reading with a beautiful hardcover version of this latest work and be able to hand out wisdom and motivation aplenty to other members of the family. With that in mind, we’re also offering free shipping with the Christmas Book Bundle.

Christmas Book Bundle Valued at $134.75 only $99.95 save $34.80!
$99.95 with FREE SHIPPING!

Special Package!
Package Contains:

Extra Bonus: The first 160 orders of the Christmas Bundle will also receive the Wealth Creator CD ROM (PC Only). It contains tips, tools and calculators as well as a simple household budget generator.

Let’s take a closer look at all the books you’ll find in the bundle for just $99.95.

25 Years of Whitt and Wisdom  
RRP $49.95

This is my most recent book and was designed to be a legacy book. No, I’m not giving up writing, but I figured that my age it was important to leave a landmark work behind. It covers the last quarter of a century as seen through my columns in major Australian newspapers. It is the first book I have produced in hardcover. It is beautifully presented – it’s almost a coffee table book.

The most striking feature of the book is the way history repeats itself.  For example, the theme of the column dated 22 January 1989 is strategies is for people who want to buy their first home. Yes, housing affordability has always made headlines, and the article in the book tells young people how to buy a house for $90,000 with a loan of $60,000.

Are you worried about a stock market crash? Then read page 143 which talks about the Dow Jones dropping 5.7% to 10,306. Wasn’t that scary! Or go to page 156 where I say “wherever I go people ask have we hit the bottom yet?”

And if you’re worried about superannuation changes you might like to read appendix 2 titled A Brief History of Superannuation Changes in Australia and which goes from page 439 to page 446 – it’s a full five pages.

This is the perfect gift for anyone aged 50+ and will guarantee some spirited conversations around lunch on Christmas Day.

Making Money Made Simple 
RRP $24.95

This is the first book, the million-dollar seller, and one that still sells all the time. It’s the perfect book for anybody starting off as it covers the basics of money management, including budgeting, tax, and how to get started. Recommended for people aged 20 to 40.

Beginners Guide to Wealth 
RRP $24.95

This book started its life as Getting it Together but we eventually changed its title to Beginners Guide to Wealth as some people found the title confusing. The new version has been co-authored with my son James because I felt he would have a better grasp on what motivates young people than I would.

My original purpose in writing at was to try to prevent young people suiciding because I know from experience the feelings of inadequacy a teenager can feel but it’s really an easy to read guide for success principles.

It draws much of its material from Think and Grow Richand is intended to inculcate success principles at a young age. These include the strategy of reframing, the formula for success, and the sad but undeniable fact that an essential ingredient of success is failure. It also contains a few chapters on money at the end – basics such as budgeting and the power of compound interest. This is the perfect gift to anyone between 13 and 30.

Golden Rules of Wealth  
RRP $24.95

Anybody who has seen me speak may recall that  I always start with a PowerPoint of an elephant whose legs appear to move – this makes them impossible to count. I then make the point that financial success is like the elephant in the picture – the tusk, eyes, trunk and tail are the unchanging fundamentals such as the higher the return the higher the risk, and you don’t go guarantee for your kids if they are in business. But those legs are like the superannuation, tax and Centrelink regulations, and world markets. They changed continuously which is why you need ongoing advice.

This is why so much of my writing has been about timeless principles. Golden Rules of Wealth contains 40 timeless principles such as avoiding borrowing for things that fall in value, know how the bottom-line works, and pay yourself first. They will be as relevant in 100 years as they are today. The perfect gift for anybody interested in finance.

Money Tips – The ABC of Money Matters  
RRP $9.95

I am always looking for ways to make learning simple and in 1992 came up with the idea of a little book that would teach basic financial principles and which would fit in your shirt pocket or your handbag where it could be referred to continually. Money Tips is a 206 page book that contains 100 times principles – each one featuring a great quote. One of my favourites is

A mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Even though it was written 24 years ago it is still right up to date.

Wealth Creator on CD-ROM
RRP $24.95

I produced this learning tool and Golden Rules of Wealth together as part of an educational pack. It contains three basic modules:

  1. The Educators
  2. The Calculators
  3. Recorders

The Educators explain the basics of fundamental principles such as borrowing, and compound interest using animated cartoons with yours truly doing the voice-overs. The Calculators  enable the user to perform a range of calculations such as how long it would take to pay off your home loan, and how much you need to put away for your retirement. The Recorders is a fairly sophisticated program that takes you step-by-step through a household budget and enables you to do your own budget and keep it up-to-date.

The CD Rom also has two stock exchange calculators – one for dollar cost averaging, the other which lets you choose a starting and finishing date, and then lets you enter a notional investment on the starting date. You can then press “calculate” and  the program will let you know how much you would have on the final date if your investment matched  the All Ordinaries Accumulation Index.

We discovered in 2010 that there was a glitch in the stock exchange programs and the data is unavailable on the program after 2009. To ensure that people who had bought the program were not disadvantaged the two stock exchange calculators were placed on my website where they are updated every month and can be viewed for free. If you have a look now on my website you will see they are current up to 30 November 2016.

The CD ROM bus not work on a Mac but does work with Windows. In fact, even though I am an Apple fan, I had to buy a new Windows computer last week because I use a CD-ROM continually with my work and have to have it available. It installed perfectly.

The bad news is that it is impossible to reprogram the CD-ROM at a reasonable cost and I will be phasing it out when current stock is all gone.

The good news for you guys is that I am offering a free CD Rom for everybody who buys the $99.95 pack I have mentioned above. The catch is there are only 160 left –  so get in quickly.

A phenomenon we hear a lot about these days is the financial “hangover” after Christmas – that time when people regret spending too much money on gifts that just don’t mean anything. Isn’t it about time wisdom and common sense made it on to the “most desirable” list of 2016?

I hope you have enjoyed the latest edition of Noel News.

There will be one more Noel News before Christmas. Until then enjoy this unique time of year and stay safe on the roads. 

Thanks for all your kind comments. Please continue to send feedback through; it’s always appreciated and helps us to improve the newsletter.

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Noel Whittaker

Noel News 7 December 2016
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Noel News 7 December 2016
30 years ago I wrote Making Money Made Simple to motivate and help people take control of their financial destiny...