making_money_made_simple It’s now 28 years since this book was first published, and it is still a big seller. I always feel privileged when I receive emails and letters from people telling me the book has changed their lives.

A brand new edition has just come off the printing presses, and is now available from our website and in bookshops. As part of our commitment to financial education, the price remains at $24.95. The book is based on timeless principles so the new book is very similar to previous editions.

Mainly, the numbers for superannuation, tax and the age pension have been updated. I guess the big change is that the loan examples have been updated to account for lower interest rates; the average house prices in each capital city have been updated; and the table on page 127 that allows you to work out home loan repayments has now been changed, with the minimum interest rate now at 4%, and the maximum 12%. In the older editions, the numbers range from 6% to 14%.

Given the direction of interest rates, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the next edition of Making Money Made Simple has the rate reduced to 3%.