After many false starts, we have finally got the audio edition of Making Money Made Simple about to go to market. It’s come up beautifully, with Australian actor Carol Burns doing a wonderful job as the reader. My final job is to decide on format. The choice is a simple audio book available through iTunes, or a package of CDs.

It seems that CDs are going out of fashion because there is a general feeling they are no longer being used, and everybody now listens to audio on their electronic device. My new car only has space for one CD, where it used to be six. The bookstore people tell me there is a very small market for audio books on CD.

I would love to offer it on CD, but there are large set up costs, which I would not have if I stuck with iTunes.

Accordingly, I am asking for your help. If we do release the book in audio on CD, retail price will be around $30. If you would be interested in buying a CD audio package of Making Money Made Simple at that price, would you please send me an email via the Contact link on my website saying something like “yes Noel, I may be interested”.

There is no obligation – I am just trying to gauge if there’s enough potential buyers to justify the cost of producing it on CD.