Making Money Made Simple

Making Money Made Simple is now in its 31st year, and, while the fundamental messages in that book are unchanged because they are timeless, much of the content needs an update. We now need to cover things like Afterpay, sexually transmitted debt, and what happens to the assets of a couple when there is relationship breakup. So, right now, my thoughts are consumed with rewriting my first book. It’s a bigger job than I thought – every time I think I’ve got it right, something else crops up.

But hopefully the manuscript should be finished by the end of April, and the book should be available by June. This may fit well with the forthcoming election because a change of government means that issues like taxation may need to be changed.

I think the book would work better if we had real case studies, instead of made up ones. Therefore, if any of you out there can send me an anecdote about how your life was changed by reading Making Money Made Simple, or about strategies that you have picked up, I would be extremely grateful. I am happy to use real names in the new book with permission or just simply use made up names. I don’t want to invade your privacy.

Look forward to hearing the stories – just email me at