Jason Penna at PropertyBooks.com.au Interviews Noel Whittaker

PropertyBooks.com.au ask Noel a number of questions on how to build wealth and achieve financial freedom.

Here are the questions;

  1. I guess to kick us off we would really like to get and understanding of your investment background, where did you start and what gave you your passion for investment.
  2. When you were starting out, what did you find the major hurdles were, was it access to information, raising capital? finding quality assets to purchase?
  3. How complicated do you believe people’s investment strategies need to be these days?  Can people really still build wealth with just the typical residential buy and hold property investment strategy?
  4. Does fear play a big part in peoples mindset’s when it comes to building their wealth? is there an amount of fear that you would consider healthy?
  5. Who should people really be listening to when it comes to getting good advice around building their wealth?
  6. So talking about different property investment strategies, can you talk a little bit about where you see Positive Gearing and Negative Gearing and how those strategies fit into a portfolio and also how those strategies differ from Positive and Negative Cashflow.
  7. So lets talk about Negative Equity at the moment, where someone might have purchased a property for 1 million dollars and it is now worth say 800 thousand dollars what are your general thoughts.
  8. Buying Property in Super, do you see this as a good long term strategy? what are the impacts of negative gearing in super where it is a low tax environment