The greatest security is developing your skills.
Socrates 384 BC

I apologise for the delay between this newsletter and the last. Life has been hectic – we did a boat cruise from Barcelona to Dover, followed by a week in London and then rushed home in time for the Budget. I picked up some dreadful wog on the flight home, and took four weeks to get over it.

The last three weeks I have been totally absorbed in rewriting Golden Rules of Wealth so it can go in our e-book library, and then last Wednesday had a cataract operation on my right eye. That was a great success, and I no longer need glasses for long sight.

I must confess I hadn’t read Golden Rules of Wealth for years and was thrilled at the fantastic information that is in it. What was particularly useful when I was doing my update was the calculators on my website- the borrowing calculators, and the compound interest calculator were particularly useful.