There has been a lot of hype in the media about the Paris Climate Summit, where more than 40,000 people emitted tonnes of carbon dioxide as they got together to try to change the world.  As Bjorn Lomborg pointed out in his column in last Saturday’s Australian, the money that has been committed could have been spent much better elsewhere.  He does not doubt that excess carbon dioxide can contribute to global warming, and everybody I know supports the idea of cleaning up the planet, but what is being proposed in Paris will be largely ineffective.

It was interesting that the front page of yesterday’s Financial Review highlighted the huge problems being caused right now in South Australia by wind farms, which are pushing up electricity prices dramatically.

And talking about emissions, can you believe that Barack Obama arrived at the summit with 500 staff, including 200 Secret Service agents, a team of 6 doctors, the White House chef and kitchen staff, and the President’s own food and water.  According to the Evening Standard, he travelled with 35 vehicles, 4 speech writers, and 12 teleprompters.

When I was in Dublin in September, I discovered that when Obama visited the Guinness brewery there earlier in the year, the Guinness that he drank had to be flown to America for testing before it could pass his hallowed lips!

And this is the guy who is asking us all to reduce our emissions!