Getting it Together

I always get a thrill when emails arrive from people who tell me the stuff I write has changed their lives. One that arrived this week was very special. To protect the privacy of the writer I have deleted some material that would identify him.

“ I am 41 years old, married with two young kids. I met you many years ago when I was studying at University. Shortly after I  borrowed  one of your books from my brother  “Getting it Together” and apologies for the cliché, but “It changed my life!”

After reading your book I took to heart your recommendations for the “ Three Essential Skills” of:  going the extra mile, acquiring basic sales skills and learning to speak well in public.

This advice has helped me immensely during my career and personal life. I was always a quiet, shy kid, who almost had a phobia of public speaking, but by following your advice in 2012 I was  elected  to president of my professional association. In this role public speaking and media interviews were the norm. People would mention I had the gift of being a good public speaker , but it was 100% a learned skill thanks to you. 

Thank you also so much for your financial advice. We are on the way to acquiring enough assets so that  eventually with enough time and compounding  my wife and I can do more travel and volunteer work.”


“I would just like to say I think  “Getting it Together” is the best of all your books, and in my success library (thank you for that idea too)  I put it in  front of “ Think and Grow Rich “ and equal with “Think and Grow Rich with Peace of Mind” , which is my favourite Napoleon Hill book, as it and “Getting it Together” really struck  a special cord with me.

From the bottom of my heart thank you for all your “Whit and Wisdom” over the years and I would like to wish you and your family all the very best in health ,happiness and success now and in the future!”


A few years ago, my son James and I collaborated on a book called The Beginner’s Guide to Wealth (available here), which incorporated the most important lessons of Getting it Together (no longer in print) with the most foundational lessons young people need to a) figure out what they want, and b) make it a reality. I’m exceptionally proud of both books and highly recommend them for young people. We continue to receive emails from around the world of how it’s changed people’s lives.

In fact, today my son James lives in Los Angeles where he works with leading companies and organisations like the Napoleon Hill Foundation where, through his speeches, podcasts, and other work, he shows people how to take ownership of their financial, physical, and mental health. If you’d like to subscribe to his fortnightly VIP newsletter, you can do so here.

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