For The Wine Drinkers

I know many of you enjoy a glass of wine, but the fact remains that as we get older our bodies can’t tolerate alcohol as much as they once did. Furthermore, if your relationship is like mine, one partner may prefer a red and the other a white. As a result, it often happens that you end up drinking the cheapest bottle of wine in the house, because you don’t want to open one of the good ones and not finish it.

Help is at hand. First is Winesave which is readily available online, or from Dan Murphy’s, for around $35 a bottle. It’s simply a canister containing argon. When  you have finished drinking as much as you intend to, simply give a squirt into the bottle – this forms a layer of argon which will keep the wine as good as new for a couple of weeks. It’s very simple, and cheap but you need to keep the bottle upright because if you tip it the argon will dissipate.

The Rolls-Royce is Coravin which retails for around $329 for the Model One which I received as a Christmas present. It looked so complex that it took me two weeks to open the box. However, when I found the courage to try it I was delighted to find it was simplicity in itself. It’s a bit complex to explain, but you can find full details on their website.

Basically, you put the device over the top of the bottle, push the handle down and a thin needle goes into the bottle. You then keep the device around the bottle as you pour the wine into a glass. When you are finished just withdraw the needle and the bottle is automatically sealed. A friend of mine who is a wine connoisseur reckons you can keep a wine for over a year with the Corivan system.