I am changing the format of the newsletter so that it better fulfils its job of educating its readers. To this end, all future additions will now feature a relevant piece of material from one of my earlier newsletters. Keep in mind that I have now been producing NoelNews for over 20 years and have every edition on file.

I am also going to introduce a section called “Learning a Calculator”. My website has the best collection of financial calculators in the country, all designed by me to be useful and user-friendly. Today we will focus on the compound interest calculator because that is the foundation of all things financial.


Donald Trump is now president of America. It’s anybody’s guess how he will perform, but I think he will do better than many people are expecting. After all, he has a businessman’s way of thinking, which is to get things done. Obviously, he will continue to be attacked by the left-wing press, which is why I’ve stopped reading most of the articles in the daily papers about him. I am going to rely on the kind of commentary that will be provided by George Friedman (mentioned in my last newsletter), which I know will be unbiased and well worth reading. I will share some of his thinking with you in future newsletters.

In the new “From the Archives” section that follows, take note of what I wrote exactly 17 years ago in the newsletter for 23 January 2000, welcoming the new millennium. It fits the occasion beautifully.