Saving since 1996

I did contact you a few years ago to let you know how profound your book ‘Making Money Made Simple’ was for me. I first read this at Christmas in 1992, as a naive
20 year old. This book changed my life, even though i didn’t quite realise it in 1992. I realised early on that I had to start saving early so I had little time to waste. I didn’t start earning a proper income until 1996 due to travel and study, but between 1996 and 2015, I paid off my first home in 2002, did the same with my wife in 2008 after selling the first home for a substantial profit, and we now have a very, very healthy portfolio of shares and a few managed funds. Our life would have been substantially different if I hadn’t read your book and figured out that investing was something that had to be taken seriously and from a young age. I just wish I could have started much earlier than 1996!