I am writing to give my many thanks. I was given a copy of your book Getting it Together in 2001. At that time I was in my last year of university (Bachelor of Science). Your book struck a cord with me. I wanted to be a doctor but attending a very low socio economic area for high school, this was laughed at and said to be a dream (just get a trade and start working the teachers said). Your book inspired me to do better, not just with my money but as a person. I began to read the suggested reading at the rear of the book, for example Think and Grow Rich. From that point I attempted the entry exam to attend medical school. I failed it many times. In the many times I failed I got married, had two children, completed a second degree (Bachelor of Nursing) and bought our first family home. I am proud to say I have been accepted into medical school starting in 2014. I believe my success has a tangible link to your book and the lessons I learnt from it. I have realised my dream.