Light Bulb Moments

Hi Noel,

I always enjoy your articles in the Sunday Mail and over the years your advise has been a great help to our family. We read Making Money Made Simple in the late 1980’s and I have re-read the book many times since. I have also given copies to a number of acquaintances and have had the pleasure of watching some of them follow your advise and prosper. The book was a “Light-Bulb” moment for my wife and I, with small children and a mortgage, we were puddling along but with the knowledge you gave so freely on those printed pages it focused out direction and gave us the confidence to put what you had suggested into action.

Now, after nearly 30 years we can retire in comfort, our children and grandchildren have carved out their futures based on the foundations you laid and none of us will ever need the support of social security.

I guess I’m saying thank-you for having the guts to put into plain English the knowledge you had gained.

I have had a young fellow working with me over the school holidays and he has shown a depth of character and willingness to learn than I rarely see in someone of only 15 years. I would like to give him a few pointers as he starts his journey in life and I recall you mentioned in your Sunday column a few months ago about a Managed Fund or ETF for beginners. The product had it roots in the US and was recently been offered in Australia, it has only small management fee and very low minimum contribution amount to suit young investors. If you are able, I would appreciate the name of the fund to pass onto him.
With my sincere thanks,