I thought I would write you a small note to thank you for writing ‘Getting It Together’.

This book has had a huge positive impact on my life and has provided me with motivation, belief and reassurance.

I first read your book at the age of 19, a time of my life when a number of ordeals seemed overwhelming. After reading your book I took your advice and my whole life quickly changed.

From unemployed I started a very successful career in real estate sales support and later property management. At 22, I brought a $500K plus house and now have a reasonable amount of financial independence with $30K in the bank. I have found a fantastic life time partner and have a beautiful relationship with my close family.

I turn 24 tomorrow and my book mark is on page 41.

With all things in life constantly changing it feels quite easy to become flustered, but somehow you have this amazing ability to simplify life and put it right back on track.

I can’t thank you enough for your great words.