Dear Noel,
This is the third time I’ve read Making Money Made Simple and More Money (and I don’t think I’ve yet to fully digest it).  I find it helpful to re-read them every time a significant change is about to happen in my life.  I’m 32, I first read yours books right after I graduated from uni, again before I started my specialist medical training/buying my first home, and now in my final months of training before I start work as a specialist proper.   I first came to Australia as an overseas student for medical school on the back of my parents’ funding topped up by quite a few significant study loans.  I graduated medical school in 2007 with a huge debt and just enough money leftover for a deposit on a car.  Your books and I together have got to 2015 with most of the loans (the interest-bearing ones anyway) paid off, a car owned outright, and almost enough in my offset account to make my mortgage payments interest free (albeit with the help of a legacy along the way).  Oh, and with no credit card debt and all relevant insurances in place as you have always advised.  Thank you.
I think that before I embark on this next phase of my life, it is time for me to consult a financial planner as I will soon have extra money for investment rather than just plowing straight into my offset account.  I seem to remember reading in one of your earlier newsletters of you offering  to help point me in the right direction re: who to talk to?  I live in Perth.  I would really appreciate it.
Thank you again!
Kind regards,