I am very thankful that when my parents were struggling on 2 incomes in a big city in the late 80s that they bought a copy of your book Making Money Made Simple. I read it and reread it several times before moving out of home at 18. My mum and dad wouldn’t let me go until I could prove that I had a full time job and a budget to afford my own expenses.

I have always since had a budget, sometimes a very tight one, but a budget none the less. I have never had a utility disconnected, not even a warning notice, and my rent has always been paid on time.

After 18 years of marriage we have finally bought 2 cars to manage all the day to day running around required of a family of 6. We are a single income family with my dh’s pay only being $50,000 pa and we still pay our rent on time, keep all our utilities connected and can even put money aside for car maintenance ($100/fn for our 2 vehicles). I am very thankful for the skills I learned early on from reading your book. I may not have wealth in the bank or a house of our own but I do have the riches of the peace of mind that comes from knowing that my family’s needs are met even on a limited income and that we have money for emergencies like the broken fuel pump we just had this last week.

I am forever grateful for your teachings and I will be buying your books when appropriate for my children too.

Best wishes