I was a kiwi living in London about 11 years ago when I found your book. I spent a lot of time at the bookstore reading it before one day I eventually coughed up the 7 pounds and purchased it. That book was a defining point in my life. I was working as an electrician so applied to do lots of overtime. Started saving the 2000 then 4000 etc. Bought my first house with $7000 deposit (rented out the rooms, even to Australians). It all seemed to happen quickly after that. Ended up with 8 London houses and a cash flow 2.5 times my wages (after expenses, before tax). Have now returned to NZ and sold the last UK property a few weeks ago. I have not ‘worked’ for 3 years now and do not ever intend to. I have a net worth of about $3.7 million floating around at the moment. I have two men to thank for this: one is me – the other is you.