5 Dec 2015

Dear Noel

I have been a practising taxation accountant for over 35 years. During that time I have given enough of your books to clients to almost make me a silent partner.

I have read every book you have authored and I have just finished your latest 25 years of Whitt & Wisdom

I consider myself financial savvy and am currently a SMSF auditor.

I also have given a copy for Christmas your book to my son who is a practising CPA as the life lessons you talk about are spot on.

It is interesting to note that I agree 100% with your opinions without exception and the advice I have given clients over the years are simply the same as your recommendations.

Especially to clients the advice “if it seems too good to be true it is”

Once again Noel congratulations you will never know the vast amount of people your books have helped people secure their financial future  and it is comforting to know that ethically run business’s with prudent investment programmes should set people up for a comfortable retirement.

David S