A beginners Guide to Wealth

I just wanted to say thank you for changing my life.

In 1999 I came over from England and visited my brother who went to live in Australia. I was staying with him and travelling around for three months. He worked in a cafe in Canberra. One day he came home with a book and said that an author had been offering it to the workers. He brought home a copy for me. The book was ‘Getting it together.’ It became my bible for the next few years and I went on to read other great books of yours. I was in a dead end job and always struggling financially. Your book taught me to take control of my money and go to university so I could do something fulfilling. I was also very lucky to meet my future wife at university who is super shrewd when it comes to finances as well as a great many other things as well. I now have fantastic job which I love, I am financially secure. I have a loving family and I’ve self published two science-fiction books of my own, with two more in the pipeline. My dad said today that I’m very lucky. I’m not sure what luck is. All I know is that I was always ready I just needed the right people to guide me.

You were one of them.

I just wanted to give you a big thank you for everything you’ve done for me, without even realizing it.

Thanks Noel.

Light Bulb Moments

Hi Noel,

I always enjoy your articles in the Sunday Mail and over the years your advise has been a great help to our family. We read Making Money Made Simple in the late 1980’s and I have re-read the book many times since. I have also given copies to a number of acquaintances and have had the pleasure of watching some of them follow your advise and prosper. The book was a “Light-Bulb” moment for my wife and I, with small children and a mortgage, we were puddling along but with the knowledge you gave so freely on those printed pages it focused out direction and gave us the confidence to put what you had suggested into action.

Now, after nearly 30 years we can retire in comfort, our children and grandchildren have carved out their futures based on the foundations you laid and none of us will ever need the support of social security.

I guess I’m saying thank-you for having the guts to put into plain English the knowledge you had gained.

I have had a young fellow working with me over the school holidays and he has shown a depth of character and willingness to learn than I rarely see in someone of only 15 years. I would like to give him a few pointers as he starts his journey in life and I recall you mentioned in your Sunday column a few months ago about a Managed Fund or ETF for beginners. The product had it roots in the US and was recently been offered in Australia, it has only small management fee and very low minimum contribution amount to suit young investors. If you are able, I would appreciate the name of the fund to pass onto him.
With my sincere thanks,

Expat with no Super

Hi Noel,

I just stopped by to sign up for your newsletter.  I’ve been following “Ask Noel” on the SMH for then years, since I moved back to Australia in 2006 at Age 35.  I was a bit of a late bloomer, financially.  At the time, my super balance was about $5,000 with personal debts also.  My husband had no super, although he had some properties that he envisaged to be his “retirement plan” but we I assumed I’d have to work until I dropped.

Thanks to your excellent guidance and advice, we’re now own our home, and have about $400k in super.   Your advice has always been clear, sensible and straightforward and I wanted to say thanks for making sense of investing

Kind Regards,

22 and well on my way!

Hi Noel,

I just wanted to thank you for everything have done, and the amazing books you\’ve written.

I started off with the beginners guide to wealth, when I was 19 and earning around 55k per year. I then read more money with NW, and have followed the principles in that ever since, and I’m now 22 years old, earning between 100-110k and about to buy my first investment property!

Thanks for all your help.


Passing down good financial decisions to our kids

Hi Noel,  I always read  your column in the Sunday times WA and love your newsletters.  I have read one of your books and have just purchased 2 more and so excited to start reading them.  I just can’t get enough!  I plan to have a “masterclass” with my 2 children who are in their 30s and impart some of your wisdom, then I hope they too will read your books.

Living on one income

Thanks also for your advice over the years. The most important advice I followed was to live on one income when the wife and I
had two incomes coming in, it has enabled us to accumulate wealth in-spite of some bad decisions.  I always tell people this is the easiest thing we did money wise, but by living on one income and putting the rest into the bank, mortgage, superannuation etc, has also been the most  effective.

New book well received

I’ve started reading your latest book and I’m very impressed so far. Thanks for consolidating all of your best articles, they’ll make a good history lesson for our boys when they are older. It’s also a very enjoyable read and your write very articulately.

Saving since 1996

I did contact you a few years ago to let you know how profound your book ‘Making Money Made Simple’ was for me. I first read this at Christmas in 1992, as a naive
20 year old. This book changed my life, even though i didn’t quite realise it in 1992. I realised early on that I had to start saving early so I had little time to waste. I didn’t start earning a proper income until 1996 due to travel and study, but between 1996 and 2015, I paid off my first home in 2002, did the same with my wife in 2008 after selling the first home for a substantial profit, and we now have a very, very healthy portfolio of shares and a few managed funds. Our life would have been substantially different if I hadn’t read your book and figured out that investing was something that had to be taken seriously and from a young age. I just wish I could have started much earlier than 1996!

5 Dec 2015

Dear Noel

I have been a practising taxation accountant for over 35 years. During that time I have given enough of your books to clients to almost make me a silent partner.

I have read every book you have authored and I have just finished your latest 25 years of Whitt & Wisdom

I consider myself financial savvy and am currently a SMSF auditor.

I also have given a copy for Christmas your book to my son who is a practising CPA as the life lessons you talk about are spot on.

It is interesting to note that I agree 100% with your opinions without exception and the advice I have given clients over the years are simply the same as your recommendations.

Especially to clients the advice “if it seems too good to be true it is”

Once again Noel congratulations you will never know the vast amount of people your books have helped people secure their financial future  and it is comforting to know that ethically run business’s with prudent investment programmes should set people up for a comfortable retirement.

David S

Peter K Makes Millions!

I started reading Noel’s earlier books in the late 1980’s and have since read every book that he has ever written. It is not an exaggeration to say that in my case at least, he has made me aware of information which has earned me millions of dollars!
Yes that’s right; millions of dollars.
I also attended a seminar in Perth at the end of 2002 which he and Margaret Lomas, the property guru, hosted. The seminar cost $49, lasted all day and included lunch and books (written by Margaret) to the value of $200.
As a result of that day’s information, I purchased a property in Perth which doubled in value over the following three years and the rest is history, as they say. Noel and Margaret didn’t recommend any properties or so called advisers, they just made us all aware of time honoured investment principles and it was then up to all of us to overcome inertia and procrastination in order to go ahead, do our own research and then purchase something.
If you know any young people who may benefit from this book or any other books that Noel has written, then please pass on the newsletter to them or buy the book as a Christmas gift.
You may wish to buy the book for yourself, even better; it will probably be the best $50 you have ever spent!
Merry Christmas
Peter K